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What is Fanfiction?

Posted by Xavier on

Fanfiction is known by different names: fanfic, fan fic or fic; but in the end it means the same thing: “fan fiction” or “fictional novel created by fans”.

Have you ever seen a movie whose ending you would have wanted to be otherwise? Have you seen an anime where the main character will be left with is uncertain, but do you imagine that it will be with one of the characters you like best? Do you imagine over and over again how you would like that scene to be so much torture? Can’t you stop inventing an alternate plot?

If you’ve identified with all that, then you’re thinking as the fanfiction writers think (sooner or later we all have one inside when we want to recreate that film, drama, novel, anime, book or series to our liking).

The fanfiction is in charge of creating an alternative story to the original one. It doesn’t have to be the complete story itself, many fanfiction are in charge of inventing their own plot using as protagonists the real characters of the original work or any other character that is being treated.

Many of these stories are shared through the web, either through a page or blog, in which the writer or writers allow their imagination to flow regarding a specific work. They are not for profit (their works are in the public domain), but have the objective of sharing with other fans their imagination of “what should have been or would like it to be”.

They can be of any theme and genre (fantasy, adventure, comedy or parody, romance, etc); most of the fanfics I’ve read are of a romantic theme, referring to two characters from which the fans expected a romance.

Types of fanfic

There are different types of fanfic, but here I will describe the ones that interest you the most. The list was taken from Wikipedia but the definitions are from this blog so I can help you understand all the details:

– Crossover (X-over), is among the most popular types of fanfiction. They are stories which mix characters from different series or who are not from the same universe (like putting a manga character with an American comic character).

Drabble, is a short story (more than a story) of less than 500 words where the writer requires a short time to express everything he wants. (it’s like publishing a somewhat long comment in a post, only that writing a story). Normally, this type of writing is continued by different users who are part of the community where it is being written (like a book where each chapter is written by a different one).

– the Fluff and Waff, are the romantic plots (explained above), about two characters where the end is always the one the writer wants, which in this case would be that their two protagonists are together, married, with children, etc ….

– Hurt/Confort, is the fanfiction in which the writer focuses on some event of pain that makes a character cold and unpleasant (usually they are also romantic, so they always give in to true love, even if they deny it at first).

– One shot, is a short story of a single chapter and does not contain continuations. Very popular with those who write on their personal blog.

– Side-Story, or parallel story, is one in which the writer or cartoonist creates a fictitious character that is introduced into the original work. It is like recreating the same story but with new characters invented by this new writer, which will be responsible for showing the story from their point of view while the original protagonists.

– Songfic or cancionfic, are those videos that we mostly appreciate where a video is made with short films of the scenes or characters that match a song, either romantic or the famous WMV (songs to animate fighting scenes). The songs always go one way or another with what you want to express

– Spamfic (better known only as Spam). It has more to do with the writer’s ideas and comments than with the story.

– PWP (Plot? What Plot?; plot? What plot?), are those that lack a valid argument. It only wants to show the character in a specific situation, whether in a street fight or a “sentimental” situation.

– Alternative Universe is used to place the characters of a story in a different plot and context, but preserving the character’s original character.

– “What if…?”, this simple premise encloses what has been said before about what the fan imagines about what it should have been or would like it to be.

– Punto de vista, shows the same story, but shown through the point of view of another character, that is, that it is narrated in the first person.

– One True Pairing. This type of fanfic has already been explained above. Which characters from your favorite series, film or manga (or even if it wasn’t) awaken in you the desire to see them together even if there are no signs of a considerably romantic relationship between them? How do you imagine that declaration of love that you have waited so long for?

– Outside the character. It is when the author radically changes aspects of the personality of the protagonist to the point that it is hardly the same.

– Original character, is the one who represents himself in the plot (the original character).

– Mary sue or Gary Stu, a character without defects. Many times the center of this plot is romantic, and shows us an ideal character, the one who will be the object of the jealousy of our protagonist, that is to say, this new character is one invented by the fanfic, but it will be limited in a new story with the original characters, where the scenes of jealousy on the part of the original characters of this work will be given before the appearance of this rival.

How can you write a Fanfic?

Writing a Fanfic is not something of the other world and is something that is fairly easy to get started on.

First, have in mind the series, comic, book or anime that inspires you to create your piece of fanfiction. Think about what gets you excited about writing. It should be something where the idea just flows out of you. Templates may still be helpful to help frame the idea, but otherwise it’s important to just go with the flow.

Depending on the type of fanfiction you want to build, you should “always” keep in mind the original character of the characters. That will allow you to keep incentives in mind when crafting a plot. The characters have certain personalities that you’ll want to stay true to.

Publish Fanfic

It isn’t super hard to post fanfiction. Unlike traditional publishing where you might have to jump through hoops or even write things like query letters to get your work out there, fanfiction is more like “write and publish”. Nothing more to it. There are platforms dedicated to this that you can join, for example:

1.-Fanfic.es: is a page exclusively for this. It has many subscribers, (because it is one of the most popular) and lets you know how many visits you have received.

2.-Fictionpress.com: allows you to upload any content as long as it is original and does not contain censurable content to the public, ie no content not suitable for minors, the only thing about this platform is that it is in English and some have trouble finding the sections in Spanish, but it is not difficult or complicated.

3. -Fanfiction.Net: It is the big brother of fanfiction.com, and, like its brother, its interface is in English. I really love https://www.fanfiction.net/tv/Danger-Man/

4.-Amazon Kindle Words: surely it’s the page that surprised the most when it came out, but yes; amazon is also involved in this and that’s why it offers a platform for all those fans who like books, series and movies. Unlike the other platforms amazon offers royalties of 35% for writing derivative works of series like Gossip Girl, Vampire diaries, etc. and all the series and books that are available for this platform.

To apply, you must register in amazon. Originals with content not suitable for minors are rejected.

5. Commaful: a place where users tell their stories with pictures. The community is extremely friendly and helpful with each other and there are a fair number of popular fandoms here. One of my favorites is https://commaful.com/tags/power%20rangers/

6.- Feedbooks: it is also in charge of compiling books of this category.

Another way to publish a Fanfiction is the blog or website, so it is the responsibility of the owner of the blog to advertise, but if you already have a number of followers and your stories are good, you can gradually progress.

7.-Archive of our Own: This archive has grown rapidly in recent years. It is invite only and is a nonprofit that works closely with popularizing fanfiction for the great good. Check out some of these: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Casbah%20(1948)/works